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Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Advanced Metabolic Balance Coach

Women Talk Events, Calgary South Director

Published Author

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


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Women Talk Convention 2019


4-Week Exclusive Ditch the Junk and Body Detox

Are you ready to make the change to better health? But don't know where to start? Do you feel you need the guidance since other DIY packages don't work? There's no time like the present to get your Health Now!!

Where to Begin

Since each person has different bio-chemistry needs, we will start with a symptomology questionnaire, where we will assess your personal needs for foods and perhaps a little extra with the exact supplementation you may need. 

Ditch the Junk

The next step is to Ditch the Junk.

We will then be able to pinpoint what part of your lifestyle is good for you and what isn't. You will get a fabulous book full of recipes, a list of delicious foods that you can eat, and the junk to avoid for a full 7-days. In this informative e-book you will also receive valuable education to continue your understanding of WHY your health comes first. 

We will meet again and discover all the wonderful things you've learned about yourself and how to continue the health momentum.

10-Day Body Detox

The next step after Ditch the Junk is to do a full body detox. This is an important step in getting rid of the residual toxins inside the body that have created the myriad of symptoms you've been experiencing, from women's health issues, gut issues, brain fog, depression and anything else that's "not quite right". 

Together, we'll go through:

  • 10 Day Body Detox Guide

  • 7 Days Body Detox Recipes

  • Kitchen Clean Out Cheat Sheet

  • Superfood Cheat Sheet

  • Supplement Guide

  • Weight Tracker

After 4 weeks, and personal nutritional counselling, you'll feel like a new woman on your path to inner and outer radiance.

Limited Time Offer

This is a one-time offer for the amazing women at the Women Talk Convention to receive this life changing full-package and personal appointments, at the low price of $500 (+gst) (Value is over $800, that's a 40% savings on this personal package to optimum health.


For those of you craving more, who want to learn the best nutrition for life, 100% of the value of this package will go towards your purchase of the world-renowned Metabolic Balance Program. This program is backed by doctors world-wide, based on over 30-blood values, there's no hunger, no additional shakes, and the best program to reset your metabolism and rebalance your hormones. We'll go over what the Metabolic Balance Program looks like for you and your lifestyle. 

There's no time like the present to get your Health Now!