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Healthy Eating,Travel and Summer

It seems that this summer has brought about warmer weather which means more gatherings with friends and family. We've been to the parks for Holistic Experiences, Tribal Fairs, Pet-a-palooza, while others enjoy numerous camping trips, outdoor experiences including Calaway Park, birthday parties, Canada Day celebrations, and so much more. With all the gatherings there's been many opportunities to eat more foods and experience more taste sensations. Especially with all the fresh produce now, we get BC fruits, which are so seasonal and so delicious, plus many other vegetables that we can't get in the winter times. So many choices.

But alas, our choices may go to the foods that are served to us, that don't serve us. But I believe that we can make these choices the exception, and not the rule. If we eat poorly all the time, then this way of life becomes the rule and we feel gross. If we make it the exception, then we can enjoy it without consequence and know that our bodies are thriving while we eat in harmony with our delicious seasonal choices.

Now, let's be realistic. We're leaving for a full week, staying at a lovely hotel in Vancouver, and we are on a schedule. We have a few gatherings with friends that we know there and the food will not be on the healthy side. So how do we navigate this issue without hurting ourselves too much?

1. Pre-plan

Planning is always necessary in this society, with any healthy lifestyle you choose, because we are such a rushed society, we can easily get distracted. Our specific lifestyle is a whole foods lifestyle, to the best of our ability. I would rather choose my own less refined products than anything off the shelf at the local supermarkets. So we have armed ourselves with our favourite, low glycemic protein powder (Ultra Glucose Control from Metagenics), to have for ease of meals plus all the nutrients I trust in a shake. Next, we are going to be taking our trusty seeds and nuts that have already been soaked and dried for our anytime protein portion while at the hotel.

2. Know the local fresh foods

BC is a hotspot for fruit and vegetable stands everywhere. We completely intend on

stopping by these great places and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. My favourite are cherries and there's plenty along the highways. Lenny loves his raspberries. Plus peaches and pears and apples and apricots and plums... We'll have enough to put in our fridge for the full week to eat with our protein portion of seeds and nuts for whichever meals we choose.

3. Know the local healthier food stores

Just because we're visiting a place that we don't live in, doesn't mean we can't look up or ask for the healthier grocers. The internet is a wonderful thing, and so are many of our friends and acquaintances on FB. In Calgary, we have places like Community Natural Foods, Mrs. Greens/Planet Organic and Blush Lanes, where we trust the food sources. In Vancouver we can easily go to the same genre of food stores like Choices Market (it was just like Community last year), Famous Foods and others. Whichever is closest to us. We intend on purchasing a couple of their pre-made salads and whole cooked meats to keep for a couple days and eat those as close to our Metabolic Balance lifestyle. Its how we eat here, it doesn't have to be different elsewhere.

4. Dining-out

We intend on meeting as many people that we love in our adventure and having great meals and dining experiences with them. Its all about our choices of food. Did you know that many restaurants will accommodate your dietary lifestyle? All you have to do is ask. I've often gone to a restaurant and found that if they didn't have anything that I could eat on the menu, I would simply ask our fabulous server and they would accommodate the amount of food and food choices to the best of their ability. Not every single meal has to be unhealthy if you don't eat that lifestyle. Since we eat a whole foods program I can easily ask for so-much chicken, garden or side salad with vinegar and oil dressing. One time we went out to eat with the intention of not eating "on-plan" and the fabulous restaurant had a whole foods dish that was directly on my program, made so tasty by the chef, there was no "cheating" at all! Restaurants are fun.

5. Love what you eat

If all else fails, LOVE LOVE LOVE your food. Whatever you do choose to put into your mouth, make sure you love it with all your heart and soul. Know that this food is here to bring you not only nourishment, but much pleasure. Make a mess, eat with your hands, lick your fingers, just love it. Why? Because if you eat under stress, your digestive system could shut down. If that happens then the food you've put into it may just sit there and not get digested. It would rot, releasing toxins into your body that can create many other health issues and symptoms. Always love yourself, and love what you put into yourself.

6. Know that you can get back on track

When you get back home, you can always get back on track. Do it with self love, not self loathing. Yes, you may have gained a few lbs back, you might not feel as good when you get back; but know that you can always get back on the wagon when you get home and rectify any damage. Do it with self love and the journey will be easier than if you are doing it because of self loathing. If you need help learning to self love, there actually could be some nutritional deficiencies that may be impeding your progress. We can find out together if you have some of these issues and find how to balance your own moods with an Initial Assessment from Learning to love yourself is key to your success and I would be honoured to help serve you on your journey to Optimum Wellness.

So go out there, have a great time, enjoy the rest of your summer and we'll see you soon. (I may be away next week but I am holding the "Metabolic Balance Is It Right For You" on August 23, 2017 at 7 pm through Zoom. Feel free to contact me for more details.)


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Michelle Post is a C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Metabolic Balance Coach. She has a passion for helping you achieve Optimum Wellness by holding Nutrition to a higher standard. She has successfully navigated her own health issues with Crohn's Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Reproductive Health and Weightloss.

To learn how your personal nutrition can work for you, contact Michelle at (403) 266-2867 or email to book your free, telephone 20-minute consultation (value of $40).

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