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Delicious Scoby Snacks

Many of you know how much Lenny and I ferment. We've had numerous workshops on how to make your own flavourful kombucha, kefir sodas and ginger beers. We absolutely love showing people how to create delicious flavour combinations in their homemade fermented sodas which serve as amazing digestifs for what ails you. Personally I love anything with ginger. Ginger aids my stomach issues almost immediately. Ginger beer is definitely my favourite. Lenny, well he just loves the kombucha continuous brew. We make all different flavours with that fun soured tea, but he actually really likes the original taste of it, even if it has soured too much.

We have a continuous brew kombucha in a big glass container with a drip for pouring. As most of you know, the Scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), that is used to ferment the delicously dark, sweet brew, will create additional Scobys each time it is used. In a continuous brew, about 6 months into it, our glass container is half Scoby and half kombucha and its time to decide what to do with it. We only need 1 layer of Scoby, or even a small one, to create our brew, so now what do you do? Well, you make candy of course!

Fermented Scoby Snacks

Scoby (lots)

Raw/Organic Honey (1/4 as much as your Scoby)


Optional: spices, juices, even jerky seasoning is a great way to create scoby jerky.

Cut Scoby into 1 inch sections. Add honey and mix well. Allow to meld together for 24-48 hours, mixing every once in a while. Then put side by side on dehydrator sheets (we have a commercial Excalibur Dehydrator), and allow to dehydrate for 24-48 hours. This last batch took 36 hours at 110F.

I was taste testing them this morning to ensure their goodness.

When they are finished they will shrink down to a more flatter consistency but they chew just like a gummy. If you want a fun flavour, you can dust them in additional sugar (if you want) and cinnamon. Or if you want more of a flavour infusion, why not use a juice, like raspberry from your fresh raspberry bushes, in the honey, and give them a fun fruity flavour. The possibilities are endless.

I have heard of people using their beef jerky spices instead, to create a chewy jerky flavour. If you want a terriyaki flavour, how about adding tamari (non-gluten soy sauce) to the honey. That would be fun too, and a must try for me for the next batch.

I'll be putting out a fun e-book on all my findings on fermented foods and how we use them in our day-to-day lives, this month. Keep on the look out for that great treasure of information. Better yet, subscribe now and receive your copy of 60 Whole Foods Recipes, and always be kept in the loop.

My 10-Day Detox will be available on-line September 1st just in time for the changing seasons to help you move into the colder months. It is a wealth of knowledge in not only clearing out your body, but clearing out your environment, and your mind, to move forward in your life with love and ease.


About Michelle

Michelle Post is a C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutritional Consultant, lifestyle and Metabolic Balance Coach. She has a passion for helping you achieve Optimum Wellness by holding Nutrition to a higher standard. To learn how your personal nutrition can work for you, contact Michelle at (403) 266-2867 or email

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