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Metabolic Balance and Diabetes

Today I'd like to talk about diabetes and the effects of the Metabolic Balance program.

Firstly, let's clarify what IS diabetes. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1, which is insulin dependent due to the pancreas not creating enough insulin; Type 2 which is non-insulin dependent, where there may be many reasons for cause, but basically its complicated by a lack of proper diet and exercise; and Gestational Diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, which is a different matter. We are going to address Type 1 and 2.

What is the role of insulin? Insulin is the catalyst to activate GLUT4, the glucose transporter in the muscle and skeletal cells, which help uptake glucose into each of these cells to be converted into energy. Without this energy, we can often feel very lethargic and run down, muscle fatigue among many many other symptoms. In Type 2 Diabetes, there may be a lack of these transporters, in the cells, or the diet may consist of entirely too many high glycemic carbohydrates that turn into glucose and will then be stored as excess fat on the body. Another point with excess glucose is that it binds with the protein molecules in the blood, which take up the space of oxygen, therefore less oxygen is being circulated throughout the body which can cause a plethora of negative events. The cells of Type 2 Diabetics may also already be saturated with excess glucose and simply cannot take in any more. There may also be a lack of hormone Adiponektine which also helps activates insulin receptors.

High Glucose levels in the blood are the basic problem for Diabetes and need to be addressed according to each individual person's needs. Type 1 is insulin dependent as not enough is being produced, therefore, it is important to eat low from the glycemic index/load food chart to ensure there are not further complications of required insulin from higher sugary foods. However, 95% of Diabetics have Type 2 Diabetes, which can be better controlled, if not alleviated through proper diet and exercise.

The Metabolic Balance Program has amazing benefits to its participants. It is a holistic nutritional food program, no shakes, no injections, no supplements, no cravings and no hunger/hanger. Food is specifically picked for you based on the parameters on blood work taken from you, (no I do not draw blood myself, ha) and your personal assessment. Your results are then entered into a sophisticated data base (from Germany), and the wholesome foods are chosen specifically for you. We consider this food like your personal superfoods, as in "let food be thy medicine and medicine bbe thy food" (Hippocrates, that you eat three times a day. This eating regime will balance hormones, including insulin, and teach you how to eat properly to get the greatest effect for your health. Excess weight will melt away quite quickly, and although this is meant as a hormone balancing program, weight loss is a pleasant side effect of balanced hormones. Or, conversely, should you require weight gain, the plan can be adapted to accommodate this need.

Less insulin will be in the blood, which will lead to better oxygen being circulated in the blood stream (and many other required nutrients). The cells will be able to uptake glucose from the blood, leading to better energy production and of course with better energy production, less fatigue, and the ability and desire to create the life you have always wanted.

There are so many more benefits from this program. Both myself and my wonderful partner are on the program and see results that we have never seen with any other program. We both have received a different regime of foods that work for us individually. And, it is easier and more cost effective to eat healthy, whole foods. And no, we are not cutting out calories either. You can see our results under Testimonials.

Contact me to learn more about Metabolic Balance, and how

it is the right program for you.

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